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Once you become a Q-Tec dealer, American Q-Tec will supply you with magazine quality brochures at no additional charge.
We will incorporate you into our Digital online presence.
We will include your builds on all of our active social media channels.

​Don't delay.. become a dealer today. 

American Q-Tec is proud to introduce America and Canada to the complete line of Q-Tec kits and accessories. 

If you have an interest in becoming a Q-Tec dealer, please act fast by completely filling out the contact form to the right. 

We have toured all over the American Southwest showing the finished product to motorcycle professionals, motorcycle dealers and custom motorcycle manufacturers.  The response has been tremendous. 

Becoming a Q-Tec dealer is easy. 

  • You must be a motorcycle professional with appropriate licensing for your local area.
  • Training is required for companies or dealerships that have no experience building trikes. 
  • Appropriate business license and garage insurance is required. 
  • Two kits must be purchased to become "Authorized"
  • No credit application is required.  No flooring or consignments are available.
  • A one year continuing dealer agreement will be required.

Q-Tec Engineering, in Belgium, has been manufacturing Q-Tec Conversion kits and accessories for over ten years.  They have become the first choice for Harley Davidson Trike and Quad enthusiasts across Europe.

     Q-Tec This Changes Everything.